Monday, February 13, 2017

Announcing End of Life of .NET Selenium RC Language Bindings

This post will serve as the official announcement that version 3.1 of the Selenium .NET language bindings will be the last to provide a Selenium RC library. Users still relying on the RC API will be able to continue to do so using WebDriverBackedSelenium, or by converting your code to use WebDriver proper. Selenium RC has been deprecated for over six years, and the .NET Selenium RC language bindings have not been updated with a code change other than a version bump in nearly that long. This change isn't likely to affect many users at this point, and the 3.1 versions of the language bindings will continue to be available more-or-less indefinitely, but there will be no further changes to the .NET RC library or releases of it.

Let me restate again so that it's blatantly obvious. This does not affect the .NET language bindings for WebDriver, and WebDriverBackedSelenium will remain a viable path forward for some time. It only affects Selenium RC in the .NET language bindings.


  1. Can you please talk about what's new in 3.1?

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